Tips on Buying a Mark Texiera Jersey

There are so many famous New York Yankees, past and present, that a standout career is truly one for the books. First baseman Mark Teixeira has been working on his. So far, Yankees’ fans like the results. Four Gold Glove awards, three Silver Slugger awards and a 2009 World Series Champion, Teixeira’s chances of becoming part of the Yankees’ proud history are pretty good. Teixeira played ball at Georgia Tech, where he earned the national collegiate baseball player of the year’s Dick Howser Trophy in 2001. Drafted by the Texas Rangers that same year, Teixeira bounced around for a while before finding his home in New York in December 2008. Helping the Yankees to the World Series the very next year was icing on the cake. New Yorkers buy the Mark Teixeira jersey like it's going out of style—and if there’s any city in America that knows about style it’s New York.

Mark Teixeira wears the number 25, not an uncommon number to see on fans’ backs at the new Yankee Stadium. Number 24, second baseman Robinson Cano’s jersey number, gets thrown in there once in a while, too. Men, women, teens and kids can get their Mark Teixeira jerseys in Authentic or Replica, with about as many styles as there are great Yankees players. A twist on the every jersey is the Teixeira 2011 All-Star Batting Practice jersey.

Fans are often confused about the differences between Authentic and Replica MLB jerseys, especially since there is quite an array of styles. Authentic MLB jerseys are tailored exactly like a player’s jersey, with top-notch materials and craftwork. Replica MLB jerseys are made to look the same, but with lighter materials, which helps fans’ pocketbooks when buying team apparel. Always check for the hologram logo on the front of any real MLB jersey. Cheaper versions are available online, but many times are not an MLB product.

To get the right fit from your MLB jersey, measure your chest and waist and use a sizing chart to guide you, like the one on Pro Sports Jersey. Women will want to measure their hips, too. Adult jerseys come in extra small to 4XL, and women’s sizes in extra small to 2XL. Babies’ and younger children’s sizes range from extra small to extra large. Teens can wear a Mark Teixeira jersey in any size from small to 3XL.

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