Tips for buying your wife an NFL jersey

If you are like my husband, you might need some help picking out a gift for your wife, especially during the holiday season. Your wife already has enough purses, shoes, beauty supplies, and outfits to fill her closet and probably yours; but does she have a NFL jersey?

BreesI love going to football games with my husband, I may not know exactly what is going on the entire game, but it’s really the whole experience that I enjoy. From tailgating, to cheering on our favorite teams, to seeing friends, and even hitting up the concession stand, it all makes for a perfect Sunday. However, I battle this dilemma every day for work and the last thing I want to do is hold up our outing because I don’t know what to wear!

The best gift my husband has ever given to me, is my Patriots Tom Brady jersey. Trust me, I am not the only woman who feels this way. Every game I go to I receive multiple comments from other ladies whether in the concession line, stands or bathroom, complementing my jersey. He also agrees the best gift I ever gave him was an NFL Jersey autographed by Drew Brees.

According to the here are the top 5 NFL Jerseys that women favor:

1. Troy Polamalu/Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Peyton Manning/ Denver Broncos
3. Drew Brees/ New Orleans Saints
4. Aaron Rodgers/ Green Bay Packers
5. Tom Brady/ New England Patriots

So, if you want to find the perfect gift for your wife this holiday, take my advice and buy her a NFL Jersey. Stay home, avoid the busy malls, and load up your virtual shopping cart with a jersey for her and hey, why not throw one in for yourself along with some other sports memorabilia.

-by Jill Williamson