Robert Griffin III Redskins Jerseys Flying off Shelves

He waited his whole life to be drafted, but reality tends to hit you smack in the face when you see it for sale online.  We're talking about the new Robert Griffin III Redskins jerse.  As soon as the word was out that the Redskins were drafting him, Nike started mass producing these jerseys.

When Nike took over as the new maker of NFL jerseys, they gave each team’s jersey a new updated look and feel.

Each new jersey has a tailored type look. The material is from 100% recycled polyester and has a ventilation design to keep you cool and comfortable. It also has a V neck tag-less collar, that looks good and doesn’t restrict neck movement.

The jerseys come in men’s, women’s and youth sizes. Men’s and youths range from sizes small (S) to double extra large (XXL). Women sizes start off with extra small (XS) and go up to double extra large (XXL). The women’s are all made with a hourglass like look to it. All products are machine washable.

The new Griffin youth sizes start off at $70.00. The women’s are starting off at $95.00 and men’s at $99.00. Each has all the features as the others in terms of V neck collar and breathing material. It seems quite plausible that Griffin will be a Redskin for a long time, so there’s no risk of him changing teams anytime soon.

RGIII jerseys were flying off the virtual shelves on draft night, so to get one in stores will be a job in itself, especially if you're not in the Washington, D.C. area. Online is the best place to buy one of these jerseys. Even though he was the number 2 overall pick, his jersey will probably be the number 1 selling jersey of the year.  He was a star in college, won the Heisman Trophy and seems destined be a star in the NFL.

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