Andrew Luck Colts Jerseys Stay Hot As New Era Begins

It is difficult to decide whether it is the new 2012 Nike NFL Jerseys or the player it's designed for, but Andrew Luck jerseys are for sale and fans with an eye on the future are snapping them up.

Since Nike has taken over Reebok in making the NFL replica jerseys for the season, there has been a lot of speculation as to the changes it would go through. Looking at the college uniforms they designed, there has been an equal amount of foreboding and excitement as to the new look of NFL jerseys. Pictures of the new jerseys are now out on the web and there is just one word to describe the new look Nike has given each- fierce.

Colts Andrew Luck jerseyBut then, there is Andrew Luck, the new quarterback of Indianapolis Colts, with the first overall draft pick, successor of Peyton Manning.  Many fans believe that 12 would be the lucky number that would bring Indianapolis Colts to the Super Bowl again someday.

As soon as the Colts proclaimed Luck as their new quarterback at 8:00pm April 26, 2012, the Andrew Luck Colts jersey has been seen walking around Indy. Fans coughed up to $115 to $99 for men, $110 to $96 for women and $89 to $70 for kids on the jersey the moment they went on sale.

"The new Nike Andrew Luck Colts jersey is going to be a very hot item," said David Moroknek, CEO of Main Gate.

Luck earned the NFL Rookie of the Year award and it appears as if the Colts' decision to address their future by trading Peyton Manning won't really hurt them.  It looks like there won't be another player manning the quarterback position in Indy for at least another decade, so that Luck jersey isn't likely to be obsolete anytime soon, a fact that always makes buyers of authentic jerseys happy!

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